Our Services

GPS Tracking

Want to know exactly WHERE and WHEN your campaign is seen? Thanks to the Global Positioning System (GPS), you can. GPS is a sophisticated satellite-based tracking system, allowing us to pinpoint the location, speed, direction and status of our AD TRUCKS USA vehicles.

The GPS devices we install in our vehicles are very small, use as much power as a wristwatch battery, and are maintenance free. GPS can be installed in all forms of mobile advertising - Trucks, "Mobilboards", media trailers and auto wrapping

Our daily and weekly travel reports provide proof of
performance, impression data and auditing information.

Mobile Advertising

Trucks doing same-route deliveries daily within the five boroughs of New York City and Trucks
utilizing special routes to suit your unique advertising needs. Most Trucks offer 3-way advertising.

Commercial cargo vans en route to maintenance work or performing deliveries within the five
boroughs of New York City, offering 2- 3-way advertising.

Lunch Trucks visiting the same locations on a regular schedule, offering 3-way advertising.

Custom Designed Routes

Truck BillBoards in NYC

We know the New York City metropolitan area like the backs of
our hands, and we can help you plan your mobile advertising
route to maximize your campaign's impact.

Specific locations... the most opportune times...block by block,
hour by hour, we'll target your advertising for success.

Flexible Options

Standard or customized contract It's up to you!
We offer several packages – daily, weekly,
monthly and longer -- to meet your needs.


Our secure billboard warehousing helps facilitate
your future advertising needs. This service will
result in significant savings to you on production
costs. Warehousing of your billboards will also
enable us to reactivate your campaign with little
or no down time.

Graphic Design

AD TRUCKS USA offers the highest quality
graphic design services available, including
seamless billboards and high resolution graphics.
Our billboards can also withstand all weather
extremes. The result: a clean, professional ap-
pearance that will truly make your advertising
stand out and be noticed.

Long Island Truck BillBoards

Mult-Vehicle Advertising

Feel like “blitzing” the market? We can assist you in targeting several areas
simultaneously with as many vehicles as you can afford.